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The sound that carries.
Recording, mixing & mastering
15 years experience
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Find your sound with us.

Great sound. That's a thing you can wake us for. Our studio is equipped with high-end new and vintage hardware, operated by an experienced audio engineer in specially designed rooms. You've just found your professional sound at a fair price.

Amek Recall Console with Rupert Neve Preamps, EQ's and VCA Compressors
REDD.47 Amplifiers and Compressors
Manley en Crane Limiter and Compressors
Balan SP-3 Tube Preamp
Custom A/D Converter
Brainworx, Waves and iZotope software
Brainworx, Waves and iZotope software
Brand new mastering and recording studio
Yamaha NS-10M Speakers

"Our studio takes your music
to a professional level."

Jelto van Nieuwburg
CEO Indieplant

Personal and intimate setting.

Indieplant Studio is built to make you feel at home. No big, cold rooms, but intimate and warm rooms where your creativity can run wild. Because if you feel at ease, your creative side prospers.

The sound engineer.

Our qualified sound engineer has more than 15 years of experience recording, mixing and mastering professional audio. He has worked in several very reputable studios and has worked for RTL, SBS6 and across the globe as a sound engineer.

"I have worked on big and small projects
including Tom Jones and X Factor, with lots of love."

Igor Vokjan
Mix + Master Engineer / Producer

In the middle of the music industry.

We have a versatile team that knows all facets of the music industry. Amoung our company group is the biggest cd producer of the Benelux (www.decdperserij.nl) and a music distributor. We've got a publisher, a network of pluggers, a record label and a bookings agency. In addition, we've got a large network of label and artist managers in practically all music genres. Choosing Indieplant is choosing for the certainty of working with an experienced team of music professionals.

"Recording in our studio also means access to our team.
This way you're instantly ready for your musical future."

Jannes Kleerebezem
Artist + Label Developer

From small budgets to...

We've got solutions for projects with any budget. A simple vocal recording, but also the complete recording, mixing and mastering of an album. Apart from recordings, we also offer an online mixing suite.

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Lovely picturesque Enkhuizen.

In between recordings, you can get some fresh air along the IJsselmeer or in the Streekbos, find a nice cafe in our picturesque town center, or enjoy a proper meal. It's easy to turn your visit to our studio into a nice little vacation. Enjoy a nice walk in our harbor, visit the world famous outdoor Zuiderzee museum or enjoy our local food. Enkhuizen offers nice ways to relax.

We have become partners with several hotels and restaurants so do let us know if you want to stay for diner or the night.


If you're looking for great quality recordings, you'r at the right address with Indieplant Studio. Please feel free to request for a quote or give us a call: 0031 228 350 880.