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We are a modern music publishing service to a growing talented and diverse roster of composers, songwriters and producers.

Our customers benefit from our love for managing music rights which we bring into practice through our offices in the Netherlands and New York and our strong global partner network as well. We help our artists with cutting edge rights management; optimally monetizing their creations.

Our legends

We proudly represent legendary artists such as Sun Ra, Charlie Parker, Pearls Before Swine: Billboard hit record (memory of enchantment & Godzundheit) and worldwide hit records as Safi Sana & Def Real.

Sun Ra

Charlie Parker

Def Real

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Celine Rae



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What we do

We have delivered landmark synch deals, film scores, music production and guest features. The expertise we have developed has led us to work with exciting filmmakers, innovative global brands and cutting-edge video game developers.

Our services

At Indieplant Publishing we work on behalf of our artists to ensure that the work they create is efficiently and accurately rewarded. Our services include:

Worldwide collection of royalties directly and via sub-publishing partners.
Composition for bespoke projects: film & television score, dance and theatre productions, installations.
Collection of mechanical, digital, broadcast and live performance royalties with detailed and accurate accounting.
Synchronisation for film, television, advertising, video games and new media.
Personalized copyright services from our dedicated team.
A passionate creative team seeking production, song writing, and collaboration opportunities for our artists around the world.


We have our own top-level mixing and mastering facility as well as a simple writing studio for writing camps and co-writing sessions. Our studio is well equipped with good gear to help you write the next hit song.

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