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Publishers are not directly working on increasing the sales of your music, but they do occupy themselves with the copyrights of your music. In a nutshell a publisher tries to make the copyrights on your music as valuable as possible and to collect revenues on your behalf. A publisher also works closely with record labels and artists to make sure you're working with the right people and make sure you're able to focus on the one thing you should be focussing on: making music.


Talent Development

You should be working with your music as much as possible. You need space to write songs, do co-writes, perform concerts and do recordings. We give you that space. Our high-end recording studio is free of charge at your disposal for recording, only the sound engineer must be paid. You are also welcome to co-write in our cozy studio space. Coffee and tea are free. You can make use of all our facilities, such us: booking agency, management, online distribution, physical distribution. Together, we invest in your future.

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Do you have a music catalog? Are you done with your new masterpiece? Curious about what we can do for each other? Check our Connect page at Indieplant Backstage and discover opportunities for you and your music.

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